Alternative Media

Face-mounted Prints

This is a rich, deep, striking presentation that works particularly well with contemporary decor. It is more expensive than normal framing, but the print is larger for the same wall space since there is no mat and frame.

A borderless paper print is sandwiched between a high-gloss 1/4" clear acrylic front and a 1/8" black plastic backing. The 3/8" sandwich typically stands off the wall 1.5" with the addition of a hidden floater frame on the back. The edges are polished.

"We are true enthusiasts of Roy Sewall Photography and his two books. We worked closely with Roy to have his photograph 'Great Falls' Majesty' made into a 6' x 3' face-mount. The result exceeded our expectations and it is a beautiful piece of art in our home." - T.R. and K.R.

"We love our face-mounted photographs from Roy's travels in France. When I look at them, I am seeing the photographs and all their details - there are no mats or frames to distract my eye. They are so much more impressive than matted-and-framed photographs." - G.S.H.

A face-mount's surface is more delicate than a metal print's surface, and requires careful handling, but the face-mount creates a greater sense of depth and is my personal favorite presentation.

Metal Prints

Metal prints also work well with contemporary decor. There is no paper involved; it is an electronic fusing of the image to a sheet of aluminum. The metal's surface is high gloss or matte, borderless, scratch-resistant, and waterproof. It can easily be cleaned with a commercial glass cleaner. The metal print stands about an inch off the wall with a hidden floater frame. The results are stunning.

Canvas Prints

These prints are made on canvas that wraps around the edges of a wooden frame. This is quite lovely for abstracts and painterly photos.

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