Taking Your Photography to the Next Level (1.5 hours)

People often tell you your photos are great, but you know they could be better. Perhaps you are entering competitions but not winning, or not winning as often as you'd like. You're close but you need some guidance and direction on what to do to get your photography to the next level.

Attendees will learn of 4 critical attributes of a great photograph that Roy calls "Attractors," and more than 60 "Detractors" that can weaken it. Using photos to illustrate, Roy will discuss their strengths and weaknesses and suggest ways to make them stronger.

Attendees will come away with solid ideas they can implement to take their photography to the next level.

Bodies of Work & Portfolios (0.5 hour)

You want to put together a body of work such as for a portfolio or exhibit, but you are not sure what makes the body of work strong. You will learn the attributes of a strong body of work, such as cohesiveness of the theme, consistent style, flow, length, diversity, start and finish. 

This is a short program that precedes a body of work critique.

Architecture (1 hour)

Architecture photography is wonderfully rewarding, especially in the extraordinary DC area. Attendees of this program will learn about

      - Artistic decisions - symmetric/asymmetric, keystone control or not, lighting, unique vs predictable angles, color vs B&W, curved lines, intentional tilting

      - Capture tips - unique angles, viewfinder with grid, level, space for keystone correction, minimize keystoning during capture

      - Processing tips - keystone control

      - Fun stuff - wide angle views, panoramics

      - Local shoot sites - monuments and memorials, places of worship, old building interiors, bridges, cityscapes

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