One-on-one Instruction

"Roy Sewall has been my photography mentor for about a year. Roy helped me further my knowledge of all aspects of photography, from my understanding of photography principles and navigating my way around the camera settings, to setting up in the field under various lighting conditions and subject matter situations, and to processing the photographs in Lightroom and Photoshop. Each session, whether in the field or in front of the computer, was full of helpful information, presented in a manner and pace that worked for me. Roy's critiques of my work were always positive and encouraging and, at the same time, most instructive for improvement. He has a very gentle way of telling me what is wrong with my photographs. Roy is very passionate about his work. At the same time he is most patient with those who are learning. I would highly recommend Roy as an instructor to anyone at any level of expertise. I assure you it will be a marvelous experience!" - C.L.N.

"I have taken professional photography lessons with Roy Sewall for the last six months. Roy is a gifted teacher, whose passion for photography and enjoyment of the people associated with it come through in every conversation that I have with him. I began this process as a novice photography. Roy has provided sound advice on equipment upgrades that afford me the right photography tools while remaining cognizant of my budget limitations. His lessons have taught me basic photography techniques in both a 'classroom' setting and on photo shoots. He has introduced me to the use of computer tools for cataloging, editing and transmitting photographs. In a relatively short period of time, Roy has vastly improved my understanding and appreciation of photography equipment and techniques. I strongly endorse Roy as a high quality photography teacher for individuals at all skill levels." - M.M.

Critique groups

"Thank you for the Photo Critique yesterday evening. I appreciate your sensitive approach, enlightening observations, and useful suggestions. It seems that we all tend to grab onto some small insight into a scene and then to overlook 'the rest of the picture.' You helped us see the whole picture. You did so many things right at the Photo Critique that it is difficult to know where to begin. You found something of value in every shot and encouraged the photographer. You pointed out elements and relationships in the photograph that helped and hindered communication of a visual thought. You offered your observations as informed opinion rather than as fact, and deftly sidestepped rebuttal from the maker. You kept discussion on the 'what' of the photographic expression and minimized the 'where' and 'how.' You used a rich verbal vocabulary to communicate your feelings, thoughts and suggestions… Hurray!! I felt like I stumbled on a gold mine." - P.T.

"Your comments were encouraging, gentle and kind while still provoking thought as to how to make the picture better. I appreciate your criticisms. It helped to see/hear the same thing in others' photos to help drive home the point. I am impressed that you actually took the time to write such a lengthy assessment (follow-up letter). It was clear to me that you were truly being thoughtful and helpful by addressing my needs and concerns." - D.K.

"Thanks very much for hosting the workshop yesterday. I found it very illuminating, interesting, and informative. I particularly liked the overall critique of what's good and what's not in each photo." - N.H.

"Thank you again for providing the class. I appreciate your comments and evaluation. I like your style... professional...but gentle." - A.H.

"I appreciate your patient teaching style and suggestions for follow-up studies to complement the lessons. Thank you for encouraging me to build on my photography strengths while stepping up to the challenge of learning new skills. Your photo evaluations are direct and honest, and very helpful in taking my photography to the next level." - D.H.

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